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  Cloaning App for Franix Emix
Posted by: Shawnx17 - Yesterday, 05:20 AM - Forum: Approved - Replies (3)

Character Name: Franix Emix

Cause of Death: Shot through the chest by a heavy laser rifle ((Held by Atlas Exo suit)) whilst being held hostage

# of Previous Clones: Zero

Member Vouch: Mechanized (Shawn) Rhodes and  Audiclann

Character Sheet: Yes ((Addendum http://www.galactic-citizen.com/showthread.php?tid=1043))

Cloning Method: Would be cloned by Atlas since he worked there , was taken down there by Audiclann after the situation resolved

Skills: Pacifist ((If that even counts)), Bachelor's Degree in physical therapy, knows a lot of cooking recipes, and good at sewing

  // Statement by the Senate of the Haven Federation \\
Posted by: PrivateNomad - Yesterday, 03:02 AM - Forum: Nexus Net - Replies (9)

[Image: E65bSEC.png]
[Image: Bsr6wmI.png]
Statement by the Senate of the Haven Federation Regarding the Safety of Its Citizens

The Senate today has released a statement addressed to any in the galaxy potentially interacting with Haven citizens, as well as a statement to the Atlas Corporation. Senator Sinji Ekta spoke a word of warning briefly.

"It is vitally important that each citizen of the Federation feel safe, especially within our own territory. Thus, in order to ensure this, the Senate has decided upon a few various measures to help guarantee this safety. To begin, we declare that all citizens of the Haven Federation are under protection of the Haven Federation within the Haven System, any Haven territory, and within 100 lightyears of Haven Territory. Any intended harm that befalls any Haven citizen by any external entity or corporation will not be tolerated.

Secondly, in response to the recent rise in alleged violence in Calypso Station, an orbital station in orbit of the Lapetus system in Haven, all public teleporters in Haven City will have the Lapetus bookmark removed. All Haven Citizens are encouraged to remain cautious and armed when inside Calypso Station due to the possible dangers, as the Haven Guard is unable to assist you within. Thank you for your time, and stay safe."

[Image: E65bSEC.png]

  Azul Vitae
Posted by: Mokare - 09-19-2017, 04:11 PM - Forum: Tech/Augment Applications - No Replies

Name: Azul Vitae

Description: A blue injection comprised of Construction based Nanites and a liquid mixture of synthetic materials serving as a easy maintenance for synthetics and androids. The injection is comprised entirely of Nanites filled with the blue liquid. When the Nanites are charged the liquid has a light glow to it.


Abilities:  Performs daily maintenance throughout the body in a way a cell would by making minor repairs to the body and components, removal of waste product, and assist in internal functions.

Conditional Abilities : The abilities of the Nanites are effected by their "Grade" or Quality, these grades are S,A,B,C,D,E,F The grade can effect how well they function, how efficient they are, reliability, and how long they last. (Bit of a limitation as well.)

S-Superior Grade, this grade is rare, and extremely hard to produce, Nanites of this grade are the most reliable, and overall function 25% better than grade B.

A-Above average, this grade is  given to high quality Nanites, these Nanites overall function 10% better than B grade, last longer, and are overall more reliable.

B-Average/Normal capabilities, this is the standard grade and most common grade.

C-Below average grade, this grade is for Nanites that are not a high enough quality to pass for B grade, they are slower than B grade and simply a poorer quality

D- Amateur grade, this is a very low grading that is assigned to most and usually all Nanites "Homemade" these nanites function, but are a much poorer quality and overall are about 15% less effective than grade B, dont last as long, and in general are not that great.

E- Reject grade, this is the grade given to rejected Nanites. These Nanites are unreliable, can and usually do malfunction causing quite a bit of trouble, damage, and pain. Sometimes they wont even function at all being about 25% less effective than Grade B.

F- Defect grade, this grade is for defective Nanites and only a fool would use them, defective Nanites, are not of poor quality unlike D and E ((Maybe sometimes.)) This grade can be applied to grades as high as S, Nanites given this grade usually are malfunctioning, corrupted, and considered extremely dangerous. Defects are 50% less effective than B grade they are highly unreliable, unstable, and difficult to control. Usage of F grade usually results in moderate damage to whatever they are used on.

Limitations: Cannot repair major, severe, or really any extensive damage such as, limb mangled, gaping hole, shredded body part etc. The repair function is limited to being able to repair simple damage like scratches, cuts, wear and tear, and most superficial injuries. It is not a *Gets cut and wound rapidly starts sealing and repairing itself.* It is not a rapid repair process and is quite slow, a paper cut may heal completely in a short time ranging from 10-20 minutes to an hour while say a large knife cut may take a few hours, it depend so n the severity of the damage. It repairs about as fast as a human body heals itself but at a rate that is 25-50% faster than  normal healing.

The Nanites require power, they will take a very small amount of power from the user occasionally to charge themselves, this really is not a problem as the amount of power needed is very minimal. This also means that before injection the Nanites will require a charging otherwise your just injecting a bunch of battery dead useless Nanites.

The Nanites are susceptible to EMP's, upon being hit by a EMP depending on its power and the resistance to EMP of who or whatever is being it most if not all the Nanites will be destroyed, this process will be painful to the user depending upon how many are in the user and how many are being destroyed, nothing excruciating but there will likely be a mild-moderate burning or sharp pain as they fry out from the EMP causing very mild internal damage.

It takes a few minutes for the Nanites to gather and move Necessary material to where its needed, and thus it may take a few minutes before whatever task that needs to be done begins.

Conditional Limitations (Optional): After doing repairs (minor repairs of wear and tear over a week, or after repairing a large quantity of damage.) it will be required that another injection of the liquid not necessarily the Nanites itself as the liquid carries materials used for maintenance and repairs, failure to do so will result in the Nanites being unable to make repairs as they will lack the needed materials to do so.

Every three weeks maximum the Nanites will need to be replaced or they will expel themselves from the user and cease functioning, after two weeks the Nanites will begin to suffer wear and tear and function 10% less effectively.

How does it work: The Nanites move throughout the body carrying around the Blue liquid which contains a mixture of materials found in androids and synthetics of which the Nanites use for repairs by taking the materials to where they are needed within the body. After taking the needed materials to the desired location the Nanites will begin repairing damaged material and components assembling the material as needed. The Nanites are able to move around most materials not just the blue liquid throughout a android/synth's body by grasping and, or storing the material within the Nanite itself this allows it to remove waste and unwanted material from the users body.

Attainability: [b]Open[/b]

Tags: [b][Civilian][/b]

Category: Nanotechnology

  Making a Race
Posted by: NublarRex - 09-19-2017, 12:45 PM - Forum: Help Center - Replies (2)

I'm making a race and found the original template to be a bit confusing and disorganized so I ha added some sub tabs including biology, culture, history, religion, and technology. Is this okay? (History will be brief)

  //Engineers of the Fringe: Atlas...//
Posted by: Khaos - 09-19-2017, 02:26 AM - Forum: Nexus Net - Replies (5)

//A video is uploaded to a nexus video-sharing website, by the nexus user-account of Rope_Man37//

//The video opens up to display a real-time view of Lapetus, and its swirling clouds. The known location of Atlas' Calypso.
A voice would speak, easily identifiable as Gary's should one know him personally. He sounded tired, yet his voice was assertive.//

"It's been a year, a year since I've signed up for the white and red company known as Atlas. I've made friends and allies there, made enemies, too. While working for Atlas certainly has had its ups, the downs have been far too many as of late, and that's why I'm making this video. You see, under Atlas I've been injured a considerable amount of times. I lost two limbs that they are partly responsible for, one for being affiliated with them and the other afflicted by an awol employee. I've been paid terribly, all employees of Atlas have been paid terribly, honestly. I've seen people be so accepting of it, too..."

//A pause, before a distinct 'tsch' escapes him.//

"From way back in my old home, minimum wage was higher than the paychecks you'd see in Atlas. I've seen violence occur countless times on Calypso, often caused by Atlas' own employees, as they haven't been particularly careful about recruitment. A fellow employee of mine nearly got her jaw broken by a madman Atlas hired, I've been punched and shot in the same week. Hell, it's the Fringe for sure, but you'd think my own place of work would be much more strict with non-employees and stricter about recruitment. And despite voicing my concerns as well as the concerns of others? We get blown off. A member of management that I'll leave unnamed would always get irritated and impatient with me if I so much as bring up things that concern his very job. He's a friend of mine... I don't resent him. But if he and Lloyd himself won't try to improve the conditions that their employees work under, then what's in it for me and other employees? It's... simply a line of work I don't want involved in, and I'm sure many others would agree."

"I've been with Atlas for quite awhile, but I think today is the day I take my leave. If you're an engineer, or an employee of Atlas? Look elsewhere for a safer and better-paying job. That's not to say I wish anything against Atlas, but I can't comfortably work under them anymore, and well-- maybe they'll change eventually. Who knows?"

"Atlas is just too much of a dangerous work environment, and the pay just... It's horrible, despite Atlas' capabilities. So, Lloyd? If you've stumbled upon this, I'm sorry. There's no hard feelings, it's just my time to go."

//And like that, the video ends. The website in question does indeed allow comments.//

  // Announcing Horizon //
Posted by: Skid - 09-19-2017, 12:15 AM - Forum: Nexus Net - Replies (1)

// A new website would appear on the Nexus, with advertisements on various websites leading to it. // 


A new dawn, over a new Horizon.

|= What is Horizon =|

To the uninitiated, what is Horizon? Horizon is an up and coming company that specializes in the development, production, and sale of cybernetic limbs, implants, and similar technologies.

|= Joining Horizon =|

To those interesting in joining Horizon, they must fill out this application and then wait to be contacted for an interview. It is recommended that individuals fill the application with as much detail as they can.

|= A final note =|

More information will be released, once Horizon goes fully public within one weeks time

Posted by: ampo snampo - 09-18-2017, 09:38 PM - Forum: Guilds - Replies (2)


[Image: pUDWpq5lVRF-kt0hS5N8SIIJrjzE1joKFYUdJUNW...sNA3YUvtxu]
(( guild page and codex the discord and stuff is down below ))

The Fringe Syndicate Coalition is a nation that holds roots in the long-dead USSS, having since denounced the Union’s practices and ideologies. The FSC seeks to embody all that symbolises the Fringe as a whole, while providing security for it’s people. Opposed to dictators and despots alike, they seek to protect the sovereignty of the Fringe, as a free frontier of opportunity. With minimal government intervention other than security and military, the economy itself is handled by the people, through the use of workers’ syndicates. This leads to a “Minarchist” state, with little in the way of laws, besides those that secure the well-being and survival of the Coalition’s people on a physical level.

Taking its roots in the remnants of the Union of Soviet Socialist Systems, the FSC started as a group of remnants and refugees of the remains of New Moscow. After an attempt to establish a new Union in the Fringe, and the assassination of Premier Ulyana, Premier Novosi, Director Romanova, Commissar Alla, and General Lukashenko formed the council of four that would later lead the Coalition. With Raisa as Director, Katya as Commissioner, and Alla as President, the Coalition would denounce the Union’s previous ideals and government, moving on to become a nation under minimal state control, with an emphasis on individual rights, and protection of the sovereignty of the Fringe as a whole. Shortly after, the Coalition would ally itself with the Republic of Schelor- A relationship that many would consider hypocritical, given The All-Seeing Eye’s autocratic rule over the republic. The Coalition would soon after absorb several Hylotl colonies and outposts, leading to the large Hylotl population within the nation. Within their numbers, two particular Hylotl stand out. Amari Xiao, and Kaede Severt, of the Xiao-Severt Construction and Logistics Syndicate, often shortened simply to Xiao-Severt Syn. Together, the Syndicate itself would be responsible for the construction of the Xiao-Severt outpost on Schelor, which is currently under construction, in regards to establishing a colony city at it’s location. All that currently stands is a small, yet dense district, where a large portion of the Hylotl population currently reside.

[Image: JRQgoryLdfEm72ZUNqaOBnUjAES8Qsjt-QIh2M8U...0x7ryhJC98]
A picture of Xiao-Severt DISTRICT-A, a dense district where many personal businesses flourish.

As previously stated, the Coalition functions as a state with minimal involvement, short of security and military. With no involvement in the economy, the economics of the nation is controlled and managed by several workers’ syndicates, acting as sort of labor unions, on a massive scale. Examples include the previously mentioned Xiao-Severt Construction and Logistic Syndicate, or the Gavrilov Arms Syndicate, which supplies the FSCAF with firearms and weaponry. The President serves as the head governmental figure, with the leaders and representatives of each syndicate forming the rest of the government, in a sort of senate, or congress. Personal business endeavors however, are allowed outside of these syndicates.

The PZC-76G System is the system that the Coalition calls home. Having colonized the central planet’s moon as the site of the colony Fond Najezdy, they have moved on to construct the Xiao-Severt Outpost on Schelor’s land, under permission from its ally, the Republic of Schelor.

Blue Giant
 III Schelor [Image: LZ6j30fws2rcvy-3qFFvUGEYSZ_ET-8p0A_8lVEy...p0Ylmi6vWK] [Image: iIGKpfbgbRUkYhdH47VGP5yRdEZFOVWWkjb_OXS6...ShrlSHT-E7] [Image: pwJh54PnDWrWiQ2KyIwOTVeWugtlqJPG3UMnVI6Q...SZS-ZT3yTw] (Massive desert world with anti-ship defences scattering its surface.)
 II ??? [Image: bQiygifMbdtWm2NFxvYoBJzv8hGCJj0J2VSGDg5c...5mv28vD9Ry] (Small snowy moon.) [Image: zot_CsoAYqbURf6O7OGu1LxzThRsqtx6DLixmKOf...-ZwM3YOt77]



The FSCAF is the national army of the Coalition. Under direct command of the Director, our numbers march victoriously, protecting those who cannot protect themselves, securing the Fringe’s future.



( not ranks lol )


The CSTF is the elite of the army, the best of the best reside here. Following the instructions of our commanding general, it’s victory or death. Our ranks are based sheerly on dedication and skill.



The FSC’S leading police and intelligence agency. We specialise in espionage, surveillance and protection of our nation. With the guidance of our benevolent Commissioner, we shall prosper a safe haven for our people.



The Coalition offers the cutting edge in military and security technology, all at the utilization of those who choose to enlist.
[Image: 9aa46d76df.png]


Coalition standard issue light armor, able to withstand a fair amount of pistol-caliber rounds to the chest.
.2 - STANDARD ARMOR: Coalition standard issue combat armor, able to withstand rifle-caliber rounds, to the chest and back.
.3 - SHOCK ARMOR: Coalition standard issue heavy combat armor, fit with mobility and strength enhancing exosuit.
.4 - BASTION ARMOR: Coalition exclusive heavy power armor, fit with deployable plasma shielding around vital areas. Cannot be transported by conventional teleporter.
.5 - CTSF COMBAT ARMOR: Coalition Special Task Force issued combat armor, slightly lightweight compared to normal combat armor.
.6 - CTSF SHOCK ARMOR: Coalition Special Task Force issued shock armor. Lighter than it's counterpart, but still fit with exoskeleton.
.7 - CDSI UNIFORM: Armor and uniform of the Central Division of Security and Intelligence. Equivalent to Scout Armor.


.1 - SQUAD AUTOMATIC RIFLE: A heavy-duty automatic rifle fit for support roles.
.2 - ASSAULT RIFLE: Standard issue automatic rifle.
.3 - ASSAULT CARBINE: A cut-down, lighter variant of the assault rifle.
.4 - SUPPRESSED CARBINE: An integrally suppressed carbine issued to CDSI and CSTF personnel.
.5 - PERSONAL DEFENSE WEAPON: A compact, automatic pistol with an extendable stock.
.6 - PISTOL: A compact handgun.
.7 - SUPPRESSED PISTOL: A suppressed variant of the standard pistol, issued to CSTF personnel.
.8 - CYCLER PISTOL: A large energy handgun that fires high-power lasers.
.9 - LASER RIFLE: Standard issue energy rifle, firing low-power laser projectiles in quick succession.
.10 - BEAM RIFLE: Laser 'sniper rifle' that fires precision, concentrated laser projectiles. Fitted with high-magnification scope.
.11 - SHOTGUN: Standard shotgun, firing in both semi-auto and pump-action depending on preference.
.12 - ENERGY SABER: Special purpose melee weapon fit for armored targets.
.13 - VIBROBLADE: A standard sword, with a blade vibrating at high frequency for enhanced cutting power.
.14 - MISSILE LAUNCHER: Portable explosive munitions launcher, for anti-materiel, and anti-personnel function.

To join the Coalition in its goal of safeguarding the Fringe from those who wish to seize it, and it’s people’s freedom, refer to the application below.

Skills & Occupation:
Desired Division:
Experience in non-Coalition Employment:

(( all application is to be done on discord etc https://discord.gg/pA6HgPV ))

Director Raisa Novosi - Clicky
President Alla - Skid
Commissioner Katya Romanova - Partisan
General Sasha Lukashenko - Greg Peters
Surgeon General Anka Romanova - Aerie
Jr. Lieutenant Kristina Smirnov - Pinkbat5
Junior Officer Mikhail Bilanov - Marshmallower
Staff Sergeant Ukiani - Robotic Potato
Sergeant Rashid Efremov - Gun
Private Akio Deadlock - Silent Akio
Sergeant Alexsandr Senaviev - Skulldoh
Private Anatoli Maximilian - Puglife43vr
Private Jay Osprey - Puglife43vr
Private Clama - GodDinoGodKillGodManKill
Secretary Summer - SomeTemplar

Posted by: Mokare - 09-18-2017, 06:15 PM - Forum: Character information - No Replies

[/b]General Information[/b]

Name: Andre

Age: 22

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Citizenship: None

Occupation: Solus Engineer

Faction: Solus 

Friends: Audiclann, Riksis, Niv rath, Niv'Rhosk, Adella, franix emix, Regalia, Silent akio, Meat head, and a bunch more whos names I dont precisely remember the spelling of

Enemies: He doesn't hate anyone or at least hate them enough to consider them a enemy.

[/b]Physical Appearance[/b]

Physical desc: Caucasian male with a light complexion standing 5,10. His most distinguishable and most noticed feature is his medium length green hair of which probably hasn't seen a pair of scissors in years. He has a very slim and stocky build with a fair amount of muscle. He doesn't sport any distinguishable/visible marks, birthmarks, scars etc

Height: 5,10

Hair color: Green

Skin color: Light tan

Eye color: Hazel

General clothing: In casual/public settings his typical wear is a dark grey hoodie and jeans. really thats all he wears....


Personality Type: INTJ (For the most part its accurate.)

Political Ideology: He really doesn't care more for politics and is unbiased in regards to any political ideology. However he does care about freedom and equality and may not fully approve of or like ideologies that strip away freedom.

Andre can be typically seen as a very introverted and reclusive person who's true and defining characteristics they shy away from showing, they normally do normally do not go out and actively socialize with individuals whom they do not know, or simply wont initiate any interactions unless he needs to. Until he knows a person who is relaxed enough in the environment or around said person he wont speak much or at all, but instead will resort to gestures, expression, and overall body language. In general they are quite shy, timid, and docile. However his timid behavior is only on the exterior, a caution of sorts. He will try to choose flight in most situations trying to solve problems and altercations with reason and logic, however despite this, he is no stranger to violence and will fight if forced to do so. He has a strong sense of morality and loyalty and if he sees a friend's life in danger he will step forth to help and defend them. Andre comes off as a calm, timid, honest, and kind individual who is willing to listen to ones problems and help those who ask him.

Goals and ambitions: For the most part he keeps this private to himself as it delves deeply into his emotions.



Posted by: ampo snampo - 09-16-2017, 09:46 PM - Forum: Nexus Net - No Replies

// A video is posted on the Nexus- The same video that was transmitted to all USSS PDAs and devices earlier in the day. \\

// Raisa stands on-screen, as usual. However, she does not wear her usual Premier uniform. Instead, a simple suit, in a dark blue, with a white dress shirt underneath, and a patch bearing the new Coalition's insignia. General Sasha, Commissioner Alla, and Director Katya stand behind her, wearing the same. A deep sigh leaves her, before she speaks. \\

"I come to you all as your Premier, for one last time. For the longest time, now, since the fall of New Moscow- We have tried to go on. To continue the Union's legacy, carrying the remnants of a dead nation on our shoulders, as we struggled to survive. Your fallen brothers and sisters thank you for this, and their sacrifice will not be in vein, for this is a rebirth. No longer will we chain ourselves to the ideals and weaknesses of our predecessors- The ideals that tore them apart from the inside. Ideals we have been conditioned since birth to hold near our hearts, unquestioned. However, we will not make this mistake. We shed those ideals, and move to new ones. Ones grander, and more noble."

"The Union was a nation that called the Fringe it's home- Whether the Fringe displayed the same fondness to the Union as it did to the Fringe is uncertain, but it is something the Union held near to it's heart. It's birthplace- A place unlike any other, where the Union could truly thrive. A land of opportunity. We seek to preserve the Fringe's status as a land of opportunity, as a unique frontier where those oppressed or simply weary of 'civilized' space can find solace, and true freedom. The Union is dead. It did not die today, no- It died with New Moscow, and we simply pretended we could ever restore it to it's former glory. And instead, as a people, we move on, as the Fringe Syndicate Coalition. A new nation, dedicated to preserving the Fringe, and it's sovereignty as a free frontier, dominated by none. We understand that change is difficult, and we will not force you to stay. Our borders are open, you are free to leave, and never look back, as ultimately, that is your freedom to do so."

"Alongside this change, the Coalition has allied itself with the Republic of Schelor, to assist in immigration and travel, in exchange for land. Lastly, a large Hylotl population has merged under the Coalition's banner, giving us their outposts and cities."

// The transmission ends with a fade to the Coalition's new flag. Bearing the Troisarc, a universally recognized symbol of the Fringe as a whole. \\

[Image: fsc.png]

Posted by: Master Nemo - 09-14-2017, 07:48 PM - Forum: Approved - Replies (3)

Name: Lunacera

Description: A large butterfly-like creature known to inhabit the dense forests of a specific planet. It has a wingspan of about 21 meters, with each wing broken up into three different segments. The wings radiate a calm blue light, and are covered in small light blue flakes which shed when it flaps. The Lunacera has six legs and two long antennae which reach about two meters maximum. A sturdy black carapace covers most of the main body. They have a relatively small mandible, though it’s too small to be used for anything but eating.

Behavior: Typically, Lunacera are reclusive. They avoid other animals and people, spending a lot of time sleeping in their caves during the day. When they do go on the move, they keep high up and out of reach, only landing when they see some particularly delectable leaves.

Tamability: No.

Where is it found?: Lunacera typically inhabit caves, and come out during the night to eat.

Rarity: Rare, they only reproduce every 50 years and quickly die off after mating. There will typically only be 2 at most within a 100 mile radius.

Diet/Method of gaining nutrients and energy: Lunacera are herbivorous. They mainly eat leaves and flowers.

Products?: The small flakes that shed from its wings (which will be explained below) can be used as a drug. It can be mixed into food and drink, causing the victim to feel sleepy, tired, and depressed.

Reproduction: They reproduce sexually, laying 3-4 eggs at the tops of the trees they call their home. Once one hatches, they crawl out of the egg as a slimy lump, about 8 meters long and weighing up to 10kg. After a month of endlessly eating leaves, grass, and other plants, the larva curls up into a ball and produces a sticky residue that covers its whole body before hardening, keeping it safe. It stays in this cocoon for about a month before breaking out as a young Lunacera, reaching its full size 6-8 months later.

Size: Roughly 20 meters tall and 21 meters across.

Weight: ~41 kilograms. That’s 90 pounds of butterfly.

Lifespan: One can live anywhere from 45 to 50 years. They die after mating.


  • Its wings constantly produce a light blue flakey substance that sheds when it flaps its wings. When inhaled, the flakes can cause people to feel exhausted, sleepy, and depressed.
  • With its massive wings, it can kick up powerful winds, pushing away predators and scattering the flakes it naturally produces about.
  • Its wings are very frail.
  • It’s also easy to take advantage of the Lunacera’s naturally timid nature.
Other: A much smaller, brighter variant exists. They can be jarred and used as a light. Pretty!

Threat Level: