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Varro's clone app no.2
Character Name: Varro Von Bismarck, soon to be retired as a name

Cause of Death: The main cause of death was severing of the spine by scalpel.

# of Previous Clones: Once

Member Vouch: Gary, Hjalmar, Audiclann, Niv'Rath, Akar, Zin, etc. A lot.

Character Sheet: No

Cloning Method: Haven cloners, regularly.

Skills: Piloting, gunplay, Bible Studies, ships, and mechanicery.

I play kirill and rosie sometimes




I vouch as well, was there as Franix
@GodDinoKillDinoGodManKill your cloning application is approved. You may play Varro once again 5 ooc days after his death.
Regarding the memory loss as this is his second cloning, he will struggle to quote scripture and remember the finer details of biblical events.
[Image: 6KLpZvh.png]

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