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Midnight Widow Arachnids
The Pitch: 

Even More Spiders, Now In Black!

Detailed Snapshot: 

Accompanying the Wolf Arachnids in Erebus is another subspecies, although mostly familiar and recognizable. Midnight Widows look very similar to Black Widows, and seem to be a result from the general Erebian climate. Their heights are the same as Black Widows, although their coloring is often darker blacks and grays than their relatives, some even nearing vantablack color. What separates Midnight Widows from Black Widows are three abilities they have access to that Black Widows do not. Firstly, Midnight Widows are able to manage their natural venom better than Black Widows, adjusting the toxicity and effects with enough training. This takes considerable energy and time, however, with each change taking days for Midnight Widows to readjust their venom glands. The second ability is their improved night vision, having adjusted to the usual darkness that permeates Erebus. Although not perfect, they are given a keen advantage when in the dark. The consequence to this is that their eyes are much more sensitive to bright light, often causing them to squint heavily when in the presence of it. A quick flash from a light of high lumens is enough to temporarily stun them. Thirdly, and perhaps most interestingly, is their ability to inhale and store Nyx gas. They use the thick and murky gas for one of two purposes: To darken their exoskeleton’s shade on the next molt, or to darken the webbing they weave. It is often used for the latter, allowing them to make fabrics of shades varying from light grays to practically vantablack. 

Pictures (optional): 

[Image: f3d9aa885fc0882dd8e481821eea4149.png]
Credit to @Pinkbat5 



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