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Camel Arachnids
The Pitch: 

More Spiders, But This Time with Sand!

Detailed Snapshot: 

  • Camel Arachnids are a unique bunch when it comes to anatomy. Their heights are average, from 5’7 to 7’2 for males, and 5’11 to 7’6 for females. Their exoskeleton come in shades of yellows, browns, and grays. They evolved in the sandy deserts of The Dunes on Silke, where oasis and food were scarce. Only the strongest would survive these harsh conditions, but rather than evolving like the strong Goliath or the agile Huntsman, Camel Arachnids had such an extreme evolutionary change, there was a debate on whether Camel Arachnids were even Arachnids to begin with, or some naturally occurring natives. While other Arachnids have book lungs, unable to take in air actively which leaves them more vulnerable to exhaustion and overheating, Camel Arachnids adapted to the high heat and strenuous activity by growing lungs. This allows them to actively breathe, giving them more stamina and heat resistance. They also have very strong and sharp chelicerae, accompanied by two pincers. This allows their bite to pierce bone and even weaker metals.

Pictures (optional): 

[Image: 34f8e807226aea0cb5d73b4514b67d53.png]



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