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The Present

((Just so there is no confusion, this is a completely new race.))


Important Notices:

1. I would like this race privately graded, because whats the point of having a race that's devoted to being secretive if everyone knows the lore?

2. The first stage application has taken the form of an IC document, so that one can know what their characters would actually be able to know. The second stage application, should I make it that far, will be far more informative. It will also drop the gimmick. For grading it should be known that most all theories or ideas brought up by this are correct, excluding the one regarding cloaking capabilities.

The Present

[Image: Presence_1.png]

Much thanks to /profile/6-wowgain/?do=hovercard" data-mentionid="6" href="/profile/6-wowgain/">@WowGain for making the icon!

(The following is part of a leaked document from an as of yet unnamed research facility.)

The Pitch:

Anomalous Alien Shadow People who thrive off Confusion.




Anomalous Lifeform Discovery Number
are currently being held on
, which is overseen by Doctor

.  Originally discovered on 6/24/
, at
, the so-called “Presences” are an anomalous race of hyperspace origin. To the naked, organic, eye they are made of a black substance with white eyes and a translucent barrier around them.

Presences have been shown to be quite diverse in body formations from the seven currently cataloged. Few trends tend to appear, mostly just sticking to a vaguely humanoid silhouette. Whether or not this form continues in Hyperspace is unknown as of yet. They have displayed no bodily needs as of yet, but have shown negative reaction to being left unstimulated for periods longer than three days(See incident 31), beyond this it is believed they can't recognize faces, as several personal have been mistaken for each other due to the similarities of their suits. The substance they are made of has been dubbed “Tenebris” by themselves and is known to have volatile reactions to all tested metals and distort all recordings or images of it. They have also been shown to either possess cloaking capabilities, or what is believed to be a sort of "teleportation" using a native ability to go back and forth from Hyperspace and Realspace. This is believed partly due to the high cuils generated while they practice this ability.

Culturally Presences have shown relative nothing. They have no traditions, history, core beliefs or morality as of yet seen. They have been noted to speak cryptically in all situations, often refusing to grant information or using circular logic. As of yet the exact reason is unknown, though it is theorized their civilization must thrive off this in someway. They have also been shown to mimic tone and volume of voice, and, on all occasions have been seen wearing some sort of near full body covering, most often a cloak. It is believed this is due to some issue with being in Realspace(see incident 28).

Lastly, though only officially discovered around the 24th of June, it is believed they have existed since the early 2000s, where their uncloaked likeness appears often in paranormal investigations. Some evidence even supports them existing before or parallel with some societies. Though this cannot be proven as it often uses mythology as its main source.



[Image: moshed_2017-6-1_9.28.7.jpg]

[Image: moshed_2017-6-1_9.31.14.jpg]
(Above, images taken sometime during the early 2000s of a supposed “demons.” This is believed to be an image of a Present Instance made before they were officially discovered.)

[Image: moshed_2017-6-1_17.23.40.jpg]

[Image: moshed_2017-6-1_11.26.43.jpg]

(Two modern day pictures of Presences.)











Love me some of that SCP-like shit



Holy shit that looks and sounds epic as all fuck.





Do we have to do anything extra if we co-sign?  If not, then I shall also co-sign.




do we need another hyperspace race?


Just now, Hastur said:

do we need another hyperspace race?


Can I still Co-Sign? Because if so Co-Sign.
(07-08-2017, 02:09 AM)Hastur Wrote: do we need another hyperspace race?

apparently yes
[Image: 2e4.gif]

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