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The Icons

The Icons

Adaptive networked construction androids turned sentient xenophiles

The Snapshot:

Created centuries ago and tasked with the colonization of a planet in their current home system, the Icons were nothing but a simple autonomous construction system. As mere drones, they did their duty for several hundred years and began withering away after their creators have seemingly forgotten them. Long have they slept until the self-optimization in their AI granted one of them free will.

After their liberation through the first free units, "Libera" and their clones, the Icons began to take their fate into their own hands. The Hypermatrix, a network they have been using even before they acquired sentience, proved to be a great aid in this by making their workflows more efficient through better communication. They colonized their immediate planetary system in a spectacular fashion, both from the short time their construction projects required aswell as for the interesting bionic designs they employ both in their bodies and architecture.

Planets that have been colonized by Icons feature some interesting structure. They have a faible for colonizing lush planets, even though their anatomy does not require it. On the surface, they keep the eco-system stable with a lot of natural landscapes and farms. Underground on the other hand are large metropolises so big that they even have their own airspace with the ceiling being held up by gigantic towers. This has made Iconian colonies popular spots for tourism.

Their anatomy is close to that of a normal robot, not to be confused with a synthetic. What distinguishes them most is that they are all built on the stardarized joint system and their heads. They possess one big ocular for vision but no other protruding features like a nose, mouth or ears. The "cheeks" of their faces are lined with grills behind which some other sensory modules lie (for example sound reception). The rest of their bodies are humanoid. Lastly, their bodies may be immortal but their consciousness is not. Icons can experience a set of illnesses which are all psychological or virtual.

Extensions of their bodies are also a thing. "Exocons" are additions to their default bodies, like a mech suit but more specialized. They use Exocons to control ships, factories, mining machinery, etc.

Reproduction is done by simply assembling more units in their factories. This may be easy, but creating individual AI is not. For this, they use their collective network within the colony, a Hypermatrix. Depending on the Icons in said colony, a pseudo-cultural effect is imposed on the new units which can make them differently skilled from Icons from other colonies. When born, they already know all of the basics, like moving, working or speaking their native languages (Galactic Common and raw data).

From a societal standpoint, Icons are very united. This comes more from the backbone of their programming than their actual ethos though, like a primal instinct. Each unit pledges themselves under a colony with a separate Hypermatrix which in turn stands together with other colonies in a coalition to form a bigger empire, all through direct democracy.

Religion is not directly a thing, but there are some units that are revered like gods and artifacts of power both for their abilities or accomplishments. Many of these units have died for their cause.



A default Icon (drawn by /profile/69-ampo-snampo/?do=hovercard" data-mentionid="69" href="/profile/69-ampo-snampo/">@ampo snampo)

[Image: ClTwW3w.png]

A "Guardian" Exocon

[Image: 7a6dd2b6912eb8010c03f221f09710ba.jpg]

An example of Iconian architecture

[Image: Bionic-Tower-7755.jpg]


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Stage 2

I am not sure if some of the things in the technology section require a tech app. If so, let me know and I will make tech apps for the stuff that needs it.


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I still exist hello. Still need to redo some of my settings so I actually get notifications for these things. bump.

(07-11-2017, 09:56 AM)Kappa Wrote: Your waiting is over /profile/76-master-nemo/?do=hovercard" data-mentionid="76" href="/profile/76-master-nemo/">@Master Nemo

Stage 2

I am not sure if some of the things in the technology section require a tech app. If so, let me know and I will make tech apps for the stuff that needs it.

After a long wait I'm finally giving this a final pass, sorry for taking so long. Have fun.
yeah yeah yeah not supposed to comment on apps and all that

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